What I do...

galaxy gate mandala mural


I design and install hand painted artworks. I have a passion to create mandalas as I love ancient symbols & Sacred geometry.  I'm mainly painting in yoga studios however each project is an adventure. I always like to experiment with different techniques, so all my murals are unique and custom made to fit into its surroundings (take advantage of existing architecture, colours and shapes).


I have worked together with brands such as Yogangsters and MoreYoga to create a print for a limited edition collection of loungewear. I created the design based on the idea of Mr.Goldie (music producer, actor, artist). We have launched the garments on one of the greatest yoga events in London - OmYogaShow, with availability in store and online. I was very glad to see how much people loved the design and how successful this project turned out.

mrgoldie collaboration yogangsters more yoga and phloxgraphix
Inhale exhale digital illustrations

ILLUSTRATIONS & graphic design

I love creating colourful watercolour and digital illustrations, designing for organizations and individuals. I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects, so contact me if you are interested!

Phlox Graphix - Judit Kocso, Artist    phloxgraphix@gmail.com