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I am a freelance mural artist, illustrator, graphic designer currently residing in London - England.

My work is inspired by nature and geometry.

I create art for yoga studios, events, homes, restaurants, spas, leisure centers, private clubs.

My techniques are vary from spray paint to mixed media and hand painting.


I am willing to engage in any project. I often work freely and create unique designs or translate clients ideas and dreams into images in my style but I am also able to follow very specific customer briefs.

Judit Kocso



I have worked together with brands such as Yogangsters and MoreYoga to create a print for a limited edition collection of loungewear. I created the design based on the idea of Mr.Goldie (music producer, actor, artist). We have launched the garments on one of the greatest yoga events in London - OmYogaShow, with availability in store and online. Read more...

I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects, so contact me if you are interested!

Phlox Graphix - Judit Kocso, Artist    phloxgraphix@gmail.com