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My most recent project was a print design for a great client of mine, MoreYoga.

I was collaborating on the artwork with Mr Goldie (music producer, actor, artist)

We have launched the garments on one of the greatest yoga events in London - OmYogaShow in Gold, silver, Grey, and Fluo styles, with availability in store and online.

I was very glad to see how much people loved the design and how successful this project turned out.

I just loved this project from the bottom of my heart!


The print design depicted Ganesh sitting on a lotus-mandala

surrounded by 8 modern day distractions.

With all the members of this amazing collaboration from More Yoga to Yogangsters!

[The pictures were taken in front of my mandala artwork in MoreYoga Bermondsey Studio]

First launch of Ganesh print design - Alexandra Palace, OmYogaShow

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