The Blooming Mind
Seascape mural
Mural inspired by Shakespeare:Midsummer Night's Dream
Third eye chakra (Ajna) Mandala
Forest mural & Tree installations
Illuminated Mandala Mural
Rose window inspired mandala
Sacred geometry style mural
Integrity center - 25 Finsbury Circus, Moorgate, London EC2M 7EE
Mandala Mural in Madrid, Spain
Galaxy Mandala Mural
The Aviary Project
Hand drawn wallpaper artwork-Aldgate
More Yoga
Unit 5, 1-13 Adler St, Whitechapel, London E1 1EG
Mandala Mural - Stamford Brook
More Yoga 358 King St, London W6 0RX
Collaboration with MrGoldie&MoreYoga
My most recent project was a print design for a great client of mine, MoreYoga. I was collaborating on the artwork with Mr Goldie ( music producer, actor, artist) We have launched the garments on one of the greatest yoga events in London - OmYogaShow in Gold ,silver, Grey, and Fluo styles, with availability in store and online. I was very glad to see how much people loved the design and how successful this project turned out.
'Namaste' Mural Project
4 Hare St, London SE18 6LZ More Yoga
Mandala Mural - Lewisham
- in collaboration with Loire Designs.

More Yoga - Unit 7, Booth Court, Thurston Rd, London SE13 7SD
Yoga characters mural
Birch forest & tree installations
Collaboration with Loire Designs
More Yoga - Hackney
Live Art Show
Live drawn #domoreyoga @ OmYogaShow, Alexandra palace
'Shattered' Mandala Mural
More Yoga - Balham Studio
Hand drawn mandala wallpaper
Hand drawn mandala wallpaper installed in More Yoga Creekside
Unit 4, 2 Copperas Street, London SE8 3FB
Glowing Style Mandala
Chalk Boards & Pictorial Signs
'Mountain Yogis' Mural
Westway Sports & Fitness Centre
1 Crowthorne Rd, London W10 6RP
Phlox Graphix - Judit Kocso, Artist    phloxgraphix@gmail.com